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Agents for Change

Virtual Leadership


Where Passion and Purpose
Meet Empowerment and Initiative
Join Leaders from Around the World in a Global Virtual Leadership 1 year Program.
Discover, Develop, and Unleash Your Leadership, alongside other Change Agents on a Community Platform. 

Registration Opens Nov 1, 2022
Deadline: Jan 15, 2022

First Zoom Call:   Saturday, Jan 21 @ 9am EST (if you opt-in)

A-La-Carte Course:

STEP #1 - Register at bottom of this page

  • $99 Enrollment Fee / Individual

  • $175 Enrollment Fee / Couples

STEP #2 - Purchase Courses directly on:
                   'Agents For Change' APP on your phone
                   or online for desktop version
  • Preview of Courses and PDF workbooks** (you can purchase these as you go through the program)

    • Level 1: Discovery of True Success:

      • Course 1: Identity Issue (7 units) $99​

      • Course 2: Power of Potential & Pinpointing Your Purpose (2 units) $59

      • Course 3: Power & Process of Vision (5 units) $99

    • Level 2: Principles of True Success:

      • Course 1: Keys to True Personal Success (4 units) ​$79

      • Course 2: Kingdom Economics & Business Principles (7 units) $99

STEP #3 - Opt-in community Zoom Calls (purchase in registration link below)
  • Opt-in bi-monthly, interactive zoom calls by Head Facilitator Xavier H. and other experts in their field - in a shared learning environment - $ 39/month (sign up monthly pay-as-you-go).  Or you can purchase for a discounted price all the zoom calls for the program $400

  • Zoom Calls are every other Saturdays each month at 9 am. 

  • First Zoom Call:  Jan 21  @ 9 am EST


Also Included with Enrollment:


  • Closed Facebook Group

  • Two 30-Minute Coaching Sessions (typically after Vision statement is complete)


** School of Influence Workbooks via downloadable PDF or printed and shipped at cost

Course Requirements:

  • Access to a Smartphone and Internet

  • Committed to Discovering, Developing, and Unleashing who you are as a Leader and Agent of Change

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